The Second Chapter Podcast

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On The Second Chapter, serial careerist and founder of Slackline Productions, Kristin Duffy, chats with women who started the second (or third… or fifth!) chapter in their careers and lives, after 35.
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Kristin chats with Lola Keeley, a Renaissance woman who has been everything from a traveling tutor for a soft drinks company to tube driver to a multi-published novelist.  Lola talks about her next chapter, starting an exciting career writing TV fiction. for audio and video content Twitter: @slacklineprodu2 Instagram: @slacklineproductions
In this inspiring launch episode, Kristin chats with Julie Binysh, former secretary, nurse and sex therapist turned actor at 47. Now turning 60, Julie talks about overcoming an upbringing that didn’t encourage a life in the theatre, a debilitating illness and more to finally find her place in the spotlight. for audio and...
In The Second Chapter by Slackline Productions, Slackline founder, producer and artistic director, Kristin Duffy, chats with women who have changed their lives and/or careers after 35, their struggles and their successes, providing inspiration, positivity and laughs along the way. for audio and video content Twitter: @slacklineprodu2 Instagram: @slacklineproductions