A Taste of Slackline Productions Productions!



Slackline was the Edinburgh Fringe producer for Surfing the Holyland by Erin Hunter (August 2022)

‘Oh, we have sharks here…but they’re not in the water.’

When a wide-eyed American moves to Tel Aviv, how does she navigate the wild waters of the Middle East? She learns to surf! With colourful characters, comedy songs and one woman’s search for chutzpah, this classic fish-out-of-water tale blends bighearted comedy, electrifying ukulele riffs and fearless physicality.

Surfing the Holyland was long-listed for the Popcorn Award for New Writing in conjunction with the BBC

It ran 3-29 August at Underbelly Bristo Square, with a London preview on 24th July at Drayton Arms theatre.

“We laughed, we cried and I left the theatre to seek my own life changing experience”
-Elizabeth, Ed Fringe audience





Slackline produced Skin in the Game at New Wimbledon Studio theatre, one of three plays in their first-ever premiere festival (November 2021).

We ran a Crowdfunder campaign and successfully raised £4,732 with 111 supporters in 28 days.

I didn’t tell you to have a climate emergency panic!

You didn’t? 

No! That’s a typo. I want you to have a climate emergency PICNIC.  

It’s the near-apocalyptic near-future. The once-unimaginable has happened and it’s time for the world to be saved… by a game show host?

Skin in the Game is a hilariously dark, entertaining and disturbing adventure into a not-so-distant future where climate despair is met with tasteless “bread & circuses” light entertainment and abuses of power.

Whatever your feelings about our climate future, the question is: Are you game enough to be in the audience?!

Photo by Jane Hobson


Slackline Sleepover and Slackline Cyberstories


Slackline Sleepover events showcase the best new short plays, written by female playwrights, directed by female directors, and featuring at least one strong female character aged 35+, but this time they will be written, rehearsed and ready to perform in just 24 hours!

When lockdown hit one week after our second new writing event, Slackline quickly responded with Slackline Cyberstories- 18 new film-plays available on YouTube. We also featured an online version of Slackline Sleepover before bringing it back to live audiences at Pleasance Theatre, Islington in November 2022.


The International Premiere of The Werewolf of Washington Heights


Following its off-Broadway premiere, Slackline Productions brought The Werewolf of Washington Heights by Christie Perfetti Williams to London for its international debut. ‘Wolf’ explores the universal themes of war, immigration, deportation, racism, misogyny, terrorism, civil rights, and civil disobedience that we, as an international audience, can’t help but relate to… and find frighteningly familiar. (August 2019)

The Werewolf of Washington Heights was nominated for the 2019 OffFest award.

Two blocks west there are hipsters wearing man-buns and babies. And two blocks east there are dog fights and drug busts. This is the line. This is the cusp. It’s urban America.

The Werewolf of Washington Heights is a New York City-based tale, taking place in the not-so-distant future. In turns a family drama, a political statement and a surrealistic movement piece exploring the story of the Wild Woman archetype, ‘Wolf’ tells of a teenager gone missing and a family gone mad.

The dark themes are illuminated by darker humour which the fearless cast deliver with precision timing”
– The Spy in the Stalls