The Second Chapter (& Guests!) Celebrate 2023

The Second Chapter (& Guests!) Celebrate 2023

Kristin was truly inspired by my guests on The Second Chapter in the last year and heard from loads of you that you were, too.

She asked some of her guests to continue to inspire by sending a brief message sharing a goal/resolution/plans or advice for 2023. Enjoy hearing a few familiar voices again and a bit of their wisdom for the brand new year!

Featuring Rachel Kinley, Babs Horton, Laura Horton, Niki French, Erin Hunter, Rebecca Megson-Smith, Irini Tzortzoglou, and Kristin Duffy.


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On The Second Chapter, serial careerist and founder of Slackline Productions, Kristin Duffy, chats with women who started the second (or third… or fifth!) chapter in their careers and lives, after 35. You’ll find inspiring stories, have a few laughs, and maybe even be motivated to turn the page on your own second chapter!

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ter (& Guests!) Celebrate:


[:The Second Chapter episode of:

I hope you enjoy hearing a few familiar voices again and a bit of their wisdom for the brand new year.

e with Rachel Kinley early in:For:[:

Uh, just something that people appreciated about them and. Uh, for example, there was a lady who was known for just having fresh cookies. In her bag, all neatly, individually wrapped, and she would give those out to random people as she wanted to. Uh, I won't probably be doing that one, but I just thought that was really cute and funny.

So in keeping with that, uh, I was looking over the poem by Walt Whitman this morning, um, called Omi o Life and. , he has seven. I won't read the whole thing, but um, basically the first seven lines are talking about the tragedy of life and just the foolishness and point pointlessness of it all. But then at the end he says, he asks, what good amid these life answer that you are here, that life exists and identity, that the powerful play goes on, and you may attribute.

gonna hold onto that idea for:[:[:

And thank you to Laura! Here she's sharing about how she plan to continue in gratitude this year.


Um, but it, it was that first step and that first change of mindset to positivity. And once I started being grateful, I did find that like a magnet, good things started to happen, which I hadn't really expected. So it does, it does definitely work. Um, and then just dogged being quite dogged about. Work ethic, um, and your resting periods and knowing when to look after yourself and to lift other people up and to allow yourself to be lifted up by other people as well.

e. I hope you have an amazing:[:e needle with her business in:[:

The first two hours of my day will be the key time to work on the real needle moving work.

r Edinburgh Fringe in August,:[:[:[:

The flu, um, which put me in bed for 48 hours, um, which was a bad thing. It also meant I ended the year sleeping, drinking loads of water when I was awake, reading and, um, being looked after and loved and cared for by the people around me. It also showed to me how I. Have a degree of anxiety about not being the one doing all the caring, and actually there's a bit of control freakishness in there.

Um, so yeah, radical rest, uh, is not as straightforward as I think it sounds, making ourselves rest. Can be, can. It's just really challenging. It's definitely really challenging for me. I'm a very active, productivity focused person. Um, and I kind of know that that's a trap, and I know it's a trap that I fall into.

And so this year I am determined to be much more aware of that trap and to see it off by resting, sitting my ass down, doing very little. Spending more time by myself, more time with my books, more time in nature. A really happy new year to you. I hope that you are very well, and I'm sending you and, uh, all your podcast listeners.

Lots of love.

I loved speaking with Master Chef winner, Irini Tzortzoglou, about how she discovered her real passion and lives a life of joy. This year, she's remembering that daily.


To remember at least once a day, and I'm writing a note on the most used kitchen cabinet for that, that whatever has just happened or is about to happen that may be happy, unhappy, easy, or challenging, that I'm in the best possible place of my life right now. Every moment and the experience of it is unnecessary, but also invaluable part of my journey, and I will embrace them As such, with love and gratitude, happy year everyone.

[:many of you know, I have so [:

And goddess forbid that I have a fitness resolution. But I am going to continue the strength training. I started toward the end of last. As I get older, I'm realizing I need to be consistent with building strength to allow my body to do all of the running, swimming, cycling, hiking, adventuring, all the things I plan to do forever.

So my continue is definitely continue the strength training and movement.

, dreams, and reflections for:

What will you start? What will you stop? What will you continue? Inspire me. Leave me a voice note or a message on

you the very best year. Happy:

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