Slackline Sleepover Early Bird Tickets SOLD OUT!

Early bird tickets for Slackline Sleepover on 14th January have now SOLD OUT… but don’t worry, there are still regular priced tickets (a bargain at £7.50)- if you hurry!

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Applications for actors and directors are now closed and we will announce the amazing talent that’s on board for the show very soon.

What is Slackline Sleepover- Overnight and Online ?

Eight playwrights, eight directors, sixteen actors. Eight new short plays written, rehearsed and performed within 24 hours. 

Slackline Stories is back… with a twist!

This time it’s overnight and online. We’ll still showcase the best new short plays, written by female playwrights, directed by female directors and featuring at least one strong female character aged 35+, but this time, they will be written, rehearsed and ready to perform online in 24 hours!

The audience gets to sleep- the creative team? Not so much 🙂

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