Slackline Casting Announcement!

Slackline Casting Announcement, The Werewolf of Washington Heights

Slackline Productions is thrilled to announce that we are casting for The Werewolf of Washington Heights at The Cockpit for this year’s Camden Fringe!

The Werewolf of Washington Heights is a New York City-based play, taking place in the not-so-distant future. In turns a family drama, a political statement and a surrealistic movement piece exploring the story of the Wild Woman archetype, ‘Wolf’ tells of a teenager gone missing and a family gone mad.

Slackline Productions brings ‘Wolf’ to London for its international debut, featuring an all-female cast.

Good physicality required for all roles except Imogene, with physical theatre or dance experience preferred for some roles.

Workshop audition by invitation, 6th July in London.
Table read, late July/early August, TBD.
Rehearses days: 5th- 9th August, 12th-17th August, Central London.
Tech 19th August, 12-3pm.
Performances, 19th-23rd August, 9pm at The Cockpit.

Pay: £425 flat fee, all performers except Nasreen (see below).

Please read role descriptions carefully. To apply, email, with “Casting, WOLF- character name” in the subject line. We look forward to hearing from you!

Character Breakdowns:

Izzy Tresidder
Mary’s mother, late 30s, Jewish/White.
An earthy, easy presence, but a face fully of worry. An ER nurse and mother of twins, one of whom has gone missing. American accent. (Already cast- breakdown for character reference only) 

Violet Corona
Izzy’s wife, late 30s, Dominican.
Striking with a rock-n-roll vibe. Has a secret that she keeps to protect Izzy, but Izzy’s suspicions threaten to tear their relationship apart. American accent with slight Dominican lilt.

Delia Bumba
TV Reporter 30 – 60, any appearance. Perfectly manicured and in a skirt suit.
Constantly in search of the story that will be her big break. Hopes that the story of the missing Mary will unearth secrets to get her that break. American accent preferred.

Amira Kilo
Camerawoman 25 – 45, Iranian.
She’s sweet-faced with an air of take-no-shit. Delia’s long-suffering cameraperson, she calls Delia out on her BS. Her speech has a slight Iranian accent.

Junie Dorsey
Neighbour, 35 – 55, African-American.
She is a bold, confident presence with a knowing-smile. She’s lived in the building and the neighbourhood forever. Says it like it is and knows more than she lets on. American accent.

Trudy Tresidder
Mary’s aunt, early 40s, Jewish/White.
Attractive, confident, with an inappropriate swagger. Has her own secrets and her own motives. American accent.

Maggie Tresidder
Mary’s sister, 17, Mixed race Caucasian/Jewish-Dominican.
The “bad” twin, and the one left behind to pick up the pieces when her sister goes missing. American accent.

Imogene Tresidder
Mary’s grandmother, 65 – 80, Jewish/White.
“She’s wearing a flowing moo-moo. Her hair is an electric mess. But her eyes, they’re clued in.” Imogene is treated as crazy and shunned by her family, but does she know more than anyone? American accent.

Nasreen Alvi
Attorney, 30 – 40, Pakistani.
She is a calm, controlled presence in the middle of chaos. The eye of the storm. American or Pakistani accent. Supporting role, will be required for less rehearsal time. £250 flat fee.

The Werewolf of Washington Heights was born of the tenets of NYC’s Carnival Girls Productions, which align very closely with presenting company, Slackline Productions:

~ We believe women should be as interesting and diverse on stage as they are in real life.

~ We believe female artists of all disciplines should be encouraged, supported and championed.

~ We believe our audience is smart and hungry…

~ We believe in bearing witness and raising our voices.

~ We believe we are the ones to write the story of our own lives, history and future.

~ We believe in lifting each other up.

~ We believe in sisterhood, motherhood and humanity.

~ We believe the time is now.

#wildwomenunite #thetimeisnow

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