From Nurse to Positive Change & Grief Specialist, Shelley F. Knight

From Nurse to Positive Change & Grief Specialist, Shelley F. Knight

Kristin chats with Shelley F. Knight, a once upon a time nurse turned published author, podcaster and community builder, who provides expertise in positive change, spirituality and grief. 

She is author of Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Book (November 2018), host of Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Podcast, and is a freelance writer for international magazines. Her own losses, including death of a loved one and a series of miscarriages, led Shelley to explore grief and positive changes she could make in her life… and to a whole new passion and career.

Shelley is passionate about encouraging individuals on a transformational journey towards positive changes, particularly following times of loss in their life, be it the loss of a known and trusted way of life, or loss of a loved one.

She has set up the Good Grief Northampton Death Cafe to provide a safe space for people to share their experiences of grief with others, and an accompanying Facebook page to support others beyond her home county of Northamptonshire.

For more on the many positive changes that Shelley is making in the world, you can find her at:

Shelley F. Knight – Life Goes On Facebook page

Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Podcast

Positive Changes: A Self-Kick Book

Good Grief: Northampton Death Cafe Facebook page

Good Grief: The A to Z Approach of Modern Day Grief Healing

Shelley F. Knight Twitter

Shelley F. Knight Instagram

Satsang Sisters – Spiritual Empowerment for Women Facebook group

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