Slackline Stories- Call for New Writing Night Submissions!!

Slackline Productions is now accepting submissions for Slackline Stories, a new writing night to be held in London (at an exciting location soon to be announced!!) on 26th May, 2019. 

Slackline wants to redress the balance in the stories being told and who’s telling them- working with female-identifying writers to offer new-writing plays that have female characters at their heart, focusing most specifically on stories of women aged 35+.

What we are looking for:

  • Playwrights who identify as female
  • 10-15 minute plays or excerpts of plays
  • 2-3 handers
  • At least one strong female character aged 35+
  • Should not have been professionally performed or published
  • Great stories- the plays don’t have to be political, nor do they have to be female-only. We love an uplifting story, even if the content is sad/dramatic/difficult. We also love things a bit edgy!


What you get:

  • Time in a rehearsal room with actors and a director
  • Your script performed for an audience (with the chance to ask for audience feedback on the night if you choose)
  • Written audience feedback to be collected by Slackline on the evening
  • An established industry mentor (we have some amazing ones on board and will announce them soon!)



We will accept submissions until 31st March or until we have 150 scripts, whichever comes first, so don’t delay! 


Please send submissions to Subject: Slackline Stories Submission with your name, but please leave your name off of the actual script. 

We can’t wait to read your work! 

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4 comments on “Slackline Stories- Call for New Writing Night Submissions!!


I’m an actor/writer

Are you looking for actors?

Just waiting on getting my showreel edited btw.

Hi Katie,
Thanks for your message. We will be once we have plays in place! Do you have a Spotlight link or CV you can send us so that I can keep you in mind?
Thanks and best,
Slackline Productions

I am British but live abroad in Canada. I have a play that fits what you are looking for. Can I still submit?

Of course! You won’t get the benefit of being in the room while we rehearse it, but we’d love to have your submission. Hurry- we may hit the 150 script cutoff before tomorrow!!

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