Call for Submissions – Slackline Cyberstories

Slackline Cyberstories- Call for Submissions

Call for submissions! We’re looking for submissions again…  This time, we’re seeking your best monologues or two-handers…

Send us either:

– a short monologue (2-3 minutes), featuring a strong female-identifying character aged 35+


– a short two-hander (5 minutes) which will be filmed virtually and embraces that (two actors will not be in the same room, so use that in your storytelling), also featuring a strong female-identifying character aged 35+

We’re looking for:
  • Playwrights who identify as female
  • At least one character aged 35+ who identifies as female
  • Work that sticks to the above time constraints!
  • Great stories- the plays don’t have to be political, nor do they have to be female-only. We love an uplifting story, even if the content is sad/dramatic/difficult. We also love things a bit quirky!


What happens next:

If your monologue or play is chosen, we will match it up with an actor to perform it. Slackline will virtually rehearse the work with the actor, record it, then feature it on our YouTube channel.

These plays will be promoted with the same gusto that we promote our live productions- Slackline Productions will do our best to get your name out there and encourage as many people as possible to see your work.

Call for Submissions Deadline:

We will choose one play every Wednesday, starting 25th March to be aired the next Wednesday. Please note that submissions will roll over to the next week, so no need to re-submit!

Our first piece will hit YouTube on 1st April. We plan to air a minimum of six monologues/plays (our typical Slackline Stories programme), but will keep going if amazing work comes our way (especially if we stay stuck inside)!

Send submissions to:


Slackline Productions is committed to highlighting and celebrating female-identifying playwrights and directors, especially those writing strong roles for women 35+ (and we won’t let coronavirus stop us from doing that!!) We look forward to reading your work!

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