NOW CASTING! Skin in the Game

NOW CASTING for Skin in the Game at New Wimbledon Studio Theatre, 12-19 November 2021

Skin in the Game is a darkly hilarious, irreverent look into the near-apocalyptic near-future. 

The once-unimaginable has happened and it’s time for the world to be saved… by a game show host?

It’s up to the courageous Elizabeth Smuir to bring down a glitter-blazered game show host with dictatorship ambitions, the charismatic Danny McCree. But her blundered kidnapping by a troll and a bee-god called Derek galvanise her: she’s going to save the planet and stop Danny becoming a dictator.

Well… she thinks she is.

Skin in the Game is an entertaining and disturbing adventure into a not-so-distant future where climate despair is met with tasteless “bread & circuses” light entertainment and abuses of power. It has been chosen as one of three new writing plays to make its debut at the studio theatre as part of New Wimbledon’s Premiere Season.

Apply with Spotlight link or CV and headshot to by Fri 17 September at 6pm, specifying preferred casting date.

General casting requirements
  • Strong physical performers
  • Good with comedy
  • Mask experience desirable for some characters
  • Confident with audience interaction
  • Comfortable with an irreverent and over-the-top script


Auditions: 27th September (10am-1pm), 28th September (1pm-4pm)

Rehearsal dates: 1st-5th November, 8-12th November. (10am-6pm)
Please note, some availability may be required for the week of 25th October for online or in-person read-through

Show dates: 12th November- 19th November, 7:45pm (no show on 14th, matinee and evening performances on 13th)

Closing Date: Mon 20th September at 6pm.
Shortlisting will be done after the closing date. We will aim to contact all shortlisted for an audition by Tuesday 21 September.


Minimum guarantee (£600 total) for rehearsal dates and performances.
Funding application currently pending which would increase fees if successful. 

Character Breakdown:

Female, Age 40-late 50s
Appearance: South Asian or South East Asian

Ex-journalist determined to bring some reality to the public. A strong woman desperately wanting to reach and help people but, like all of us, isn’t quite as brilliant as she wishes she was.

Direct, empowered and flawed

Danny/Big Beast
Male, age 30-50
Appearance: Black or mixed race

Danny: confident game show host in the 1980’s style. Charismatic bordering on arrogant. Charming and self-assured  but sexist and bigoted.
Big Beast: half-mask character. Animalistic and raw. Happy to explore power and sex appeal.

Male, age 20-40
Appearance: Caucasian

Over-privileged, public school-boy type. Uses this arrogance to be a small-time thug and Danny’s right-hand man. Think Lawrence Fox.

Mike/Multirole/Derek the Bee God or Troll
Age: 20-30
Appearance: Any; drag artists, genderqueer, non-binary especially encouraged

Drag Race meets Love Island; tacky, niche, flamboyant. 

Mike: Producer of trashy TV and lives for it. No morals, questionable views.
Derek or Troll: half-mask character. Animalistic, non-human physicality