Our current production- Skin in the Game

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Our current production is the brilliant dark comedy by Gill Kirk, Skin in the Game.


I didn’t tell you to have a climate emergency panic!

You didn’t?

No! That’s a typo. I want you to have a climate emergency PICNIC.

It’s the near-apocalyptic near-future. The once-unimaginable has happened and it’s time for the world to be saved… by a game show host?

It’s up to the courageous Elizabeth Smuir to bring down a glitter-blazered game show host with dictatorship ambitions, the charismatic Danny McCree. But her blundered kidnapping by a troll and bee-god called Derek galvanise her: she’s going to save the planet and stop Danny becoming a dictator. Well, she thinks she is.

Skin in the Game is a hilariously dark, entertaining and disturbing adventure into a not-so-distant future where climate despair is met with tasteless “bread & circuses” light entertainment and abuses of power.

Whatever your feelings about our climate-future, the question is: Are you game enough to be in the audience?!

Skin in the Game is a new play by writer Gill Kirk, directed by Sarah Gain, brought to you by Slackline Productions, one of three plays chosen for the Studio at New Wimbledon Premiere Season!

Fri 12 Nov – Fri 19 Nov 2021

Skin in the Game
Studio at New Wimbledon Theatre
93 The Broadway, Wimbledon, London SW19 1QG, UK

Mon – Fri at 19:45
Sat at 14:45 and 19:45

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For more about our amazing Skin in the Game cast, click here!

We’re also crowdfunding to help ensure we can pay our cast & crew fairly and create a brilliant climate-change dark comedy beyond what ticket sales in a small-scale venue will allow. For more on our Crowdfunder or to make a pledge to help make it happen, click here.