5 Steps to Positive Empowerment Before Auditions

5 Steps to Positive Empowerment Before Auditions by Ivy Lamont

So it’s the day of your audition. You’ve done your job and learnt your lines like a good actor, and you’re ready to go!… And then the nerves creep in. Like an unwanted visitor, overshadowing you with self-doubt and worry. But do not fear! This is not necessarily a bad thing. It’s perfectly normal to feel this way and can be really positive if you learn to shift your perspective slightly. The good news is – the power to do so is entirely yours! 

Here are five things that have helped us to feel empowered before and during auditions. 

you got this!

1. Observe. 

The first thing is to notice how you are feeling on this particular day. Be it excited, nervous, happy, sad, relaxed, angry, frustrated – just observe. And do so with an acceptance of that state, tell yourself you are only human and it’s OK to feel whatever you are feeling. By doing this you make way for that emotion to pass through you and change. Have you noticed that when you punish yourself for something it only leads to more of that thing…? It’s ridiculous but we all do it!

2. Self talk.

As you observe, notice the nature of the thoughts entering your head. Ask yourself: are you being kind to yourself? Are you speaking to yourself as though you were speaking to a dear friend? If not, STOP! Not the easiest thing we know, but instead of thinking about things you don’t like about yourself (for they are rarely ever true), gently replace those thoughts with things you DO like. Maybe you have a talent for making people laugh and spreading joy, maybe you’re a fantastic singer or even a talented actor (imagine!!) Whatever it may be, it is SO important to start channelling this positive energy from as early on in your day as possible. Remember to remain grateful for what you have- no-one likes a big ego. 

3. Rituals.

What do you do before auditions? Do you have a pre-audition ritual? If not, find one! It can be anything that brings you joy and/or makes you feel centred and grounded. Dancing to your favourite song, doing some yoga or voice work, or just being plain old silly. The key to nailing that audition is entering the room with a light heart and openness to play. Forget about the outcome-that’s out of your control. The most important thing is that you feel good about yourself when you leave the space. (Top tip: if your head is feeling extra muddled, maybe try some free-writing, all it takes is a pen, paper and whatever is in your head – no judgement necessary!)

4. Retain

As you make your way to your audition and while you wait, be careful not to let all your wonderful preparation slip! Keep conversation in the waiting room to a minimum and respect that other actors may need quiet for their own preparation. If you really need to chat to expend some energy, find a receptionist or someone who has a moment to engage. Otherwise, keep observing your thoughts and remember that you are awesome! Maybe you’d like to listen to your good vibes playlist on your way? Whatever you need to do to maintain a state of positivity. 

5. Breathe 

Before and as you enter the room – breathe! Check in to see if your breath is connected to your centre. If you find your breathing is high and shallow just bring your attention down to your belly. Remember: if you relax and enjoy, so will the panel! 

Now go! Unleash your newfound power and have fun! 

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