Slackline Sleepover July 2023 – Submissions

Submissions are OPEN for the 8th July 2023 iteration of Slackline Sleepover!


What is Slackline Sleepover?

Six playwrights, six directors, twelve actors… 

Six new short plays written, rehearsed and performed within 24 hours. Please read this in its entirety for more — submission details below.

Slackline Productions is now accepting submissions for Slackline Sleepovers, our latest Slackline Stories event.

We showcase the best new short plays, written by female playwrights, directed by female directors and featuring at least one strong female character aged 35+, written, rehearsed and ready to perform in 24 hours!


Slackline Sleepover is back, live on stage at the Pleasance Theatre!

What to send:

Send us a short play* (or excerpt of a play, 10 minutes or less), that highlights who you are as a playwright or best showcases your style. Please send a script with dialogue/characters interacting. Monologues are lovely, but you will be assigned two actors and we need to know about how you write characters interacting!
Bonus points for stories that feature a strong female-identifying character aged 35+! 

* Note, this is for writing style reference only

From there we will choose six playwrights to join us on 7th July to start the 24 hours of madness and fun! 


We will accept submissions until 22nd June or until we have 100 submissions, whichever comes first, so don’t delay!

We’re looking for:
  • Playwrights who identify as female
  • Short plays or excerpts of plays to show us your writing style
  • Someone who likes to work on the fly and has a sense of adventure!
  • Great stories- the plays don’t have to be political (but they can be), nor do they have to be female-only. We love an uplifting story, even if the content is sad/dramatic/difficult. We also love things a bit quirky!
  • Playwrights do NOT have to be UK-based, but do need to be available from 7:30pm UK time on the 10th March**

**You MUST be available from the evening of 7th July to the 8th July to be eligible. We will meet on the 7th at 7:30pm, scripts are to be finished by 8:30am on the 8th.

What you get:
  • Time in the rehearsal room with actors and a director
  • Your script performed for a friendly audience
  • Written audience feedback to be collected by Slackline
  • A fun way to further challenge yourself as a writer and work with a director and actors on your script
  • The potential to discuss your script further with Slackline as the base for a longer R&D/production run
  • Look at this as an unpaid opportunity, however, there may be a small fee (think local travel expenses and a coffee!) based on ticket sales

Please send to Slackline Sleepovers Submissions.
Subject: Slackline Sleepovers Submission. 

Please include your name in your email, but please leave your name off of the actual script. 

We can’t wait to read your work! 

For more about Slackline Productions, see our home page!