Slackline Sleepover Actor, Sarah Lidstone

Cornish, ginger, can milk a cow, & freakishly fast at learning lines Sarah is returning for her second outing with Slackline Sleepover! Sarah is an @E15actingschool graduate and known for dead pan comedy and writing – with #Toothpasteboobs going a little bit viral!

Other monologues include CatsBum, PenniesNotPenis & Seagull Fodder. Sarah also writes skits and scenes, including TeaWithBeryl & Toothpasteboob2 that are currently filming as part of building towards a TV pilot.  Credits include; Annie, Table Manners (Sidmouth Summer Play festival) Scooner, On The Bench & Merry, Dances For Wolves (Southwark Playhouse) – 5* Edinburgh Fringe.

Twitter  @SarahLidsActor
Instagram sarah_lidstone_actor