Clara Harris, This Moment in America – Women of the Fringe

Clara Harris, This Moment in America – Women of the Fringe

This week I’m speaking with Clara Harris of Swamp Witch Studio for the last in my Women of the Fringe series.

Clara took her live audio drama, This Moment in America to this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Seeking a deeper conversation, This Moment in America features ever-changing vignettes drawn from real stories across the US, interwoven with transcripts of current events. It asks: ‘what unites us, in these United States?’ and Clara’s Fringe outing was just the beginning.

Clara and I talk about This Moment, the issue of guns in America and more, as well as how her acting career tiered on the edge of a cliff once she hit 40, and what she’s doing about it.

For more on Clara and This Moment in America:


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