Career, Family, Life & Love After 35, Rebecca Megson-Smith

Career, Family, Life & Love After 35, Rebecca Megson-Smith

This week, Kristin is in conversation with Rebecca Megson-Smith.

While she doesn’t usually think of herself as a romantic (she’s been told otherwise on the podcast!) Kristin loved Rebecca’s story of not just finding a career path, but also her real first love, after 35. So, old softie that she is, Kristin thought Rebecca’s story was perfect for a Valentine’s Day release.

Rebecca let fate dictate her life and found herself in a “greasy pole” corporate job and a misguided marriage, never quite knowing how to make the changes that she wasn’t even sure she wanted. Now, Rebecca finds herself in a very different situation- fate or not- as a writer, a wife in an unexpected second marriage, a mother and a business owner (amongst other things!) She’s also helping other writers find their own writing voice through her fabulous company, Ridley Writes.

For more about Rebecca or for writing mentoring and coaching (if you think about whether or not you’re a writer, you are!)

Twitter: @Ridleywrites

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