Slackline Sleepover

Slackline Sleepover was a huge hit, thanks to the brilliant group of writers, directors and actors who took the plunge and performed eight short plays after just 24 hours of writing and rehearsing — and the amazing audience who joined us on the night. A huge thank you!

Starting 1st April, we will be showing the individual plays on our YouTube channel. Subscribe for updates!


Slackline Stories is back… with yet another twist! Slackline Sleepover will still showcase the best new short plays, written by female playwrights, directed by female directors, and featuring at least one strong female character aged 35+, but this time they will be written, rehearsed and ready to perform in just 24 hours- overnight & online!

Join us in our newest adventure and see what happens when six new plays come together featuring a group of brilliant playwrights, directors, actors working together online… with very little sleep.

Slackline Productions is a female-led company, championing the work of female actors, playwrights and directors and interested in work with strong roles for women aged 35+. So far, they’ve received an OffFest nomination for Best Short Run for their work at Camden Fringe festival, produced two highly-regarded editions of Slackline Stories (including an overnight version), produced 18 short film-plays during the early months of lockdown number one, and host and produce The Second Chapter podcast.

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Tickets available through Ticket Tailor