Slackline Sleepover Actor, Sojourner Hazelwood-Connell

Sojourner (They/She) Graduated from Drama Centre in late 2019. Recent credits include: Romeo; Romeo and Juliet and Viola; Twelfth Night (Sirrah Sisters) ,Frankenstein; Shakespeare’s Frankenstein (Some Kind of Theatre, Nominated for best Digital Theatre, Scottish emerging theatre awards),Emilia; Two Noble Kinsmen and Dido; Dido Queen of Carthage (The Show Must Go Online, Shortlisted for The Stage Award for Digital Project), Kiss Her; (Jack the Lass, Offie Finalist) B; Selected Recordings of Us (Rosemary Branch), Marsh/Vik; Yerma: Presented by Jenet Le Lacheur (Omnibus, 96 Festival), Sarah; The Watchers (Barons Court Theatre).

Twitter and Insta  @sojourner_maya