Slackline Cyberstories

Slackline Cyberstories is a weekly series of mini-films written by female playwrights or screenwriters, directed by female directors, and, of course, featuring a strong role for a woman, aged 35+.

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Ashamed, Slackline Cyberstories, Week 11. By Sylvie Mendes Luscombe, starring Marcia Tucker and
directed by Julie Osman. Music: Deep Blue from


Cooking in a Crisis, Slackline Cyberstories Week 8. Written by Holly Barbour, directed by Charlotte Ive. Starring Stacey Guthrie as Lucinda LaRue & Esmonde Cole as Michael. Music Claps and Yells by


Amelia, Slackline Cyberstories, Week 4 by Chloe Yates, starring Kristin Duffy and
directed by Nicky Allpress. Music: Funny Song from


Everyone’s Sorry, Slackline Cyberstories, Week 3, by Colette Cullen, starring Kandy Rohmann & Fiona McGahren, and directed by Catriona Clancy


I’m Camming, Slackline Cyberstories Week 2, by Vicky Wild & Aryana Ramkhalawon, starring Ceri Gifford and directed by Phoebe Rhodes


Blair Breaking Hearts, Slackline Cyberstories Week 1, by Pearl Andrews-Horrigan, starring Julia Faulkner and directed by Eleanor Felton